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Sparta Biomedical Celebrates Prestigious Recognition in MedTech and Significant Milestone

NOTE: Sparta Biomedical, a Duke start-up and Duke Capital Partners portfolio company, was founded around technology developed by lead inventor Professor Benjamin Wiley (Chemistry, Trinity), along with Professor Ken Gall (MEMS, Pratt)Professor Matt Becker (Chemistry, Trinity), and colleagues. This press release first appeared on PR Newswire.

MORRISVILLE, N.C., Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sparta Biomedical Inc, a pioneering medical technology company specializing in redefining osteoarthritis treatment, proudly reflects on a momentous period marked by significant recognition and notable achievements. Sparta’s inclusion among the top 61 MedTech startups in the esteemed 2023 MedTech Innovator cohort and the grant of two essential utility patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to advancing orthopedic treatment and empowering patients.

MedTech Innovator, a distinguished nonprofit accelerator and competition platform within the healthcare industry, identified Sparta Biomedical as an exceptional innovator in the realm of orthopedics. The coveted selection for the 2023 MedTech Innovator cohort stands as a testament to Sparta’s potential to redefine orthopedic treatment paradigms and reinforces their dedication to restoring mobility and enriching patients’ lives.

Reflecting on this achievement, CEO Dushyanth Surakanti stated, “We were honored that Sparta was chosen for the 2023 MedTech Innovator cohort. This recognition underscores our dedication to developing innovative solutions that empower patients to regain mobility and lead lives of fulfillment.”

The two recently awarded patents revolve around Sparta’s proprietary Ormi Implant, an innovative synthetic cartilage, Galene, secured to a porous titanium base. The traditional landscape of conservative management and suboptimal surgical standards of care often left knee osteoarthritis patients without adequate treatment options. Ormi revolutionizes the restoration of damaged knee cartilage while enabling bony ingrowth for long-term fixation. This approach facilitates stable weight-bearing within an impressively short timeframe post-procedure, ushering in a range of benefits for patients.

Immediate pain alleviation, the capacity for full weight bearing within a day, and swift reintegration into activities such as jogging, biking, and sports are just a few of the transformative advantages offered by the Ormi implant. With consistently reliable and enduring outcomes, the necessity for reoperation was substantially reduced, granting patients a renewed sense of mobility and newfound freedom.

The recently granted patents extend protection for the Ormi implant and its surgical application through 2040, highlighting Sparta Biomedical’s dedication to innovation. The company’s comprehensive portfolio is further substantiated by a multitude of pending patent applications both within the United States and internationally.

Dimitrios Angelis, President and COO, commented, “The recently issued 555 and 452 patents underscores Sparta’s outstanding innovation through our Ormi technology. These patents serve as the starting point for a robust patent portfolio, and we eagerly anticipate the future grant of numerous patents.”

Recently Issued Sparta Patents:

US Patent Number: 11,707,555 (Granted 7/25/2023)

US Patent Number: 11,701,452 (Granted 7/18/2023)

About Sparta Biomedical:

Sparta has developed a first-of-its-kind device, Ormi, to treat knee osteoarthritis. Ormi was granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the US FDA.

The impact of knee osteoarthritis cannot be ignored, with a staggering 651 million people worldwide affected by this debilitating condition. The associated morbidity and cost of this disease are significant, making it crucial to find effective solutions. This is where Ormi comes in – unlike other technologies that focus on cartilage regeneration approaches which can take a long time to grow and not as strong as the original, Ormi is different. It mimics the properties of healthy human cartilage right from day one, providing an innovative and groundbreaking solution to this widespread problem.

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Ormi is not approved by the FDA and not commercially available. It is in development. Approvals and clearances are subject to testing, results, and the FDA review process.

SOURCE Sparta Biomedical Inc

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