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Home News Phitonex Runs First 45 Color Flow Cytometry Analysis from a Single Sample

Phitonex Runs First 45 Color Flow Cytometry Analysis from a Single Sample


Phitonex, Inc. 

Nov 12, 2020, 09:00 ET

DURHAM, N.C., Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Phitonex, Inc., developers of next generation fluorescent labels for biomarker detection, has pushed the boundaries of cell biology today in revealing their analysis of 45 markers on thousands of single cells from a single patient sample, the largest number of markers run in flow cytometry to date.

Despite decades of innovation in flow cytometry instrumentation, the underlying infrastructure of fluorescent labels for detection of biological molecules has been in dire need of a solution to maximize hardware capabilities and extract more information from precious samples.

In 2020, Phitonex has released 19 unique fluorescent labels, the first digital brightness fluorescent labels, and previously shown their construction of a 40 color flow cytometry panel.  Building on the innovations and expanded menu of colors, Phitonex has today significantly upgraded biological inquiry– possible entirely thanks to their high performance NovaFluors, which enable better resolution of the underlying biology.  Notably, the tunability and clarity of NovaFluor labels brings deeper insight without the cost of more complicated experimental design or data analysis.

“In building a panel of 45 colors incorporating our new NovaFluors, it was incredibly exciting and useful to match antigen expression with both fluorescence and brightness. This iterative approach to experimental design means we can test and improve the resolution of a panel, remove underperforming fluorescent labels, and ultimately uncover more biology,” Seddon Thomas, Ph.D. Research Application Scientist, said.

Phitonex NovaFluor conjugated antibodies made this leap to 45 colors and beyond possible thanks to their:

  • High Resolution: the spectral clarity of NovaFluors means biologists can examine multiple markers on the same cell
  • Upgrade capability: NovaFluors have been used to replace traditional dyes on a range of instruments and upgrade the number of questions asked per cell
  • Practical use: Phitonex labels are room temperature and fixative stable for at least 2 weeks

“We enabled this with a combination of fluorescence innovation as well as a shift in antibody labeling that allows us to validate, quantify, and ‘print’ antibodies on any of our colors rapidly,” Nick Pinkin, Ph.D, Analytical Chemist, said.

Phitonex offers a set of products enabling High Resolution Biology including NovaFluor CD4 test kits, Conjugation Kits, and Conjugated Antibodies.  For more information about their labels, pushing the envelope in immunology, and to connect to discuss your application, please visit or email info [at]

About Phitonex, Inc.
Phitonex, Inc. is a developer of next generation fluorescent labels for biomarker detection.  These labels have established a new paradigm in the detection of biological molecules on single cells, critically important in the development of new treatments and cures as the single cell is the fundamental unit of health and disease.  NovaFluor reagents are available for purchase at  Phitonex, NovaFluor, and High Resolution Biology are registered trademarks of Phitonex, Inc.  Labels are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

SOURCE Phitonex, Inc.

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