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Home News Phitonex Pushes the Envelope of Immunology Research with 40 Color Flow Cytometry Experiment

Phitonex Pushes the Envelope of Immunology Research with 40 Color Flow Cytometry Experiment

Phitonex, Inc., developers of next generation fluorescent labels for biomarker detection, is pushing the envelope of what is possible in flow cytometry and today publicly shared the first data set showing 40 colors measured simultaneously on single cells in an experiment.

In life science research and diagnostics, the number of questions per individual cell is the key determining factor in the clinical efficacy of a life-saving treatment, the potential for a new cure, or the diagnostic ability of a new test.  These questions are dictated by the available fluorescent labels for detection, which have been far outpaced by current flow cytometry instrumentation.

Building on a backbone panel of 34 fluorescent-tagged antibodies, Phitonex incorporated six of its NovaFluor labels to ask 40 simultaneous questions per single cell.  This enables broader and deeper immune cell profiling than ever before.  Notably, the tunability and clarity of NovaFluor labels brings deeper insight without the cost of more complicated experimental design or data analysis.

“It is incredibly exciting to show that NovaFluor labels immediately unlock a higher number of parameters on current instrumentation and provide unmatched cell population resolution.  By utilizing these labels, we are able to achieve a remarkable increase in the resolution of cell populations and break through the false asymptote that current dye performance engenders.” Seddon Thomas, Ph.D. Research Application Scientist, said.

Phitonex NovaFluor fluorescent labels delivered this new level of inquiry with:

  • Spectral clarity: NovaFluors emit light as engineered and designed, and thus contribute less noise
  • Plug and play capability: NovaFluors are compatible with a range of instruments and can “upgrade” the number of questions asked per cell immediately
  • Unmatched stability and consistency: Phitonex labels are industry leading in terms of lot-to-lot variation, enabling reproducible insight

“We have pushed flow cytometry to the upper limit of what is currently possible, and the timing is critical as we work with our customers and partners in the fight against diseases including COVID-19, where understanding the immune response is critical” said Michael Stadnisky, Ph.D, CEO of Phitonex.

Phitonex has released its NovaFluor CD4 test kits; pre-orders for its Conjugation Kits, which begin shipping within the month; and is taking orders for custom conjugated antibodies.   Phitonex plans to release more labels for high resolution biology soon. For more information about their labels and to connect to discuss your application, please visit or email info [at]


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[Originally posted by Baker City Herald — April 14, 2020]

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