October 12, 2017


Krystexxa’s Repositioning Gaining Results

Gout can be a debilitating diseaseKrystexxa, a prescription gout medicine originally invented by Duke rheumatologist Dr. Michael Hershfield, has seen early success with Horizon Pharma’s repositioning the drug.  Improved reception from the medical community is attributed to reframing the safety profile and highlighting proper utilization of the drug.

Originally developed by Savient Pharmaceuticals, Krystexxa was taken on by Horizon Pharma in 2015. Since then, the company has seen a 40-50% growth in patients over the last year.

Gout can be a debilitating disease characterized by recurrent attacks of tender, hot and swollen joints. A gout sufferer isn’t able to rid themselves of uric acid in their urine. It builds up in the blood, forming crystals in joints and the soft tissues.  The result is overwhelming pain. Krystexxa is able to keep the levels of uric down by changing the uric acid into a substance the body can easily remove.

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