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Isolere Bio Enters into Agreement with Aldevron to Develop a Scalable Manufacturing Process for IsoTag Reagents

DURHAM, NC, USA, October 11, 2021 / — October 7, 2021 – Isolere Bio, a biotech firm working to develop a low-cost, high throughput, and scalable purification platform, has entered into an agreement with Aldevron, a leading research to GMP biomanufacturer of plasmid DNA, mRNA, and proteins, to develop a low-cost manufacturing strategy for its IsoTag™ reagents, that is able to easily scale up to meet demand for an industry that is seeing tremendous growth and bottleneck pressures.

The hallmark of Isolere’s mission is to deliver transformative manufacturing processes that accelerate development and improve the global accessibility of viral vectors and other complex biologics. A critical piece in realizing this vision is ensuring a stable and low-cost supply of high quality IsoTag™ reagents. The decades-long lag in innovation of downstream manufacturing technologies has caused significant bottlenecks in the manufacturing of the viral vectors used in cell and gene therapies, as well as vaccines. IsoTag uses a simple recombinant reagent that is easy to produce and is easily plugged into existing downstream processes using conventional filtration equipment and validated, off-the-shelf consumables.

“While Isolere has had significant traction with end users seeking to evaluate the IsoTag™ technology, security of supply is an important component in adoption of our technology”, said Kelli Luginbuhl, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Isolere. “Aldevron’s commitment to supplying the industry with high quality raw materials is an important piece of Isolere’s plan for bringing IsoTag™ to market. We could not ask for a better partner to help us drive this innovation towards commercial success. Aldevron’s reputation for excellence in raw material and critical reagent supply will help bring Isolere’s technology closer to clinical and commercial implementation.”

“I’m very excited about our partnership with Isolere Bio, as together, we can leverage strengths to develop a highly differentiated manufacturing technology with the potential to disrupt the current paradigm,” said Tom Foti, President of Aldevron’s Protein Business Unit. “A key driver for this collaboration is to decrease the healthcare cost of life-saving therapies that require AAV and large molecule therapeutics. A protein that can be manufactured at large scale in Aldevron’s GMP facilities is key to realizing this vision.”

About Isolere Bio
Isolere Bio, Inc. is a privately held, emerging bioprocessing company developing a transformative platform technology for the next generation manufacturing of complex biologics. The company has deep expertise in the phase separation phenomena evolved by nature to perform highly specific separations in complex environments. Isolere’s development and application of phase separating proteins is backed by decades of research and high-impact publications by the company’s Co-Founders and Chief Scientific Officer. Isolere is based in North Carolina in the United States.

About Aldevron
Aldevron is a premier manufacturing partner in the global genetic medicine field. Founded in 1998 by Michael Chambers and John Ballantyne, the company provides critical nucleic acids and proteins used to make gene and cell therapies, DNA and RNA vaccines, and gene editing technologies. Aldevron’s 700+ employees support thousands of scientists who are developing revolutionary treatments for millions of people.

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