January 23, 2019


IonQ Chooses Onshape’s Cloud CAD Platform for Quantum Computer Design

IonQ, the pioneer developer of the world’s most powerful quantum computer, has chosen Onshape as its primary CAD and data management platform.

Onshape is an all-in-one cloud design platform that combines CAD, release management, workflow, and real-time collaboration tools to speed up product development.

Quantum computers harness the unusual physics of very small particles – quantum mechanics – to solve problems that are beyond the capability of conventional devices. To achieve this potential, they must isolate and manipulate quantum systems to create quantum versions of computer bits, called “qubits.” Engineers around the world have been racing to build computers that can control more qubits, for longer calculations, and with fewer errors.

Receiving unanimous support in the U.S. Senate, the National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law in 2018, granting more than $1.2 billion in quantum computing R&D funding over the next five years. The National Academies of Sciences recently declared quantum computing research to be an urgent strategic priority for national security.

“A quantum computer is an enormously complex device with thousands of individual parts,” says Jonathan Mizrahi, Director of Hardware at IonQ. “So it’s of vital importance that this massive assembly have up-to-date parts, and we know what’s final and what we’re still editing. I like that Onshape’s version control is automated. Everybody sees what everybody else is doing immediately.”


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[Originally posted by CISION PRWeb — January 22, 2019]