January 3, 2019


How Can AI Help Speed Up Airport Security?

Over the last two decades, airports worldwide have significantly ramped up security in response to emerging threats.

Meanwhile, rising passenger expectations have put pressure on major transport hubs to bolster throughput, cut queues and make the journey from entrance to departure gate as seamless as possible. Against a backdrop of stringent security rules, how is AI helping to boost throughput in this all-important aspect of airport operations?

For a number of governments and aviation hubs around the world, artificial intelligence could be the answer. Earlier this year, the UK Government invested £1.8m into the development of new AI systems to boost security and alleviate wait times across some of the country’s busiest airports.

The US Transportation Security Administration has recently introduced new computed tomography (CT) scanners, which use AI to help target threats, at Los Angeles International Airport, John F. Kennedy and Phoenix airports.

AI is visible across the entire aviation spectrum, however when it comes to speeding up the cautious process of airport security, could it be an effective solution?

“AI enables us to do things today that we couldn’t do even five years ago,” says Evolv Technology CEO Michael Ellenbogen. “It enables us to train the computer in ways that we couldn’t before. You throw a lot of data at it and you use that data to train a model to recognise objects or signals of interest.”

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[Originally posted by AIRPORT Technology — January 2, 2019]