June 11, 2018


Duke Microbiome Center Rolling Voucher Program

[Originally posted by SBTDC]


Recent advances in genomics and sequencing technology have greatly enhanced our ability to interrogate microbiome structure and function. Duke University has established shared resources that avail these technologies to Duke investigators of all research backgrounds. To allow Duke Microbiome Center investigators access to these shared resources, particularly for microbiome projects that are not yet externally funded, we are pleased to announce the Duke Microbiome Center Rolling Voucher Program. This rolling voucher program will offer vouchers in amounts ranging up to $5,000, which are redeemable for sequencing of 16S/18S rRNA, ITS, microbial genomes or metagenomes, and/or bioinformatic analysis of clinical, environmental, or host-associated microbiome samples. These vouchers are redeemable at the following shared resources, and applicants are advised to contact the directors of these shared resources to develop project budgets:


Microbiome Shared Resource

Sequencing and Genomic Technologies Shared Resource

Genomic Analysis and Bioinformatics Shared Resource


There will be no deadlines for the Rolling Voucher Program. Applications will be considered at any point during the year.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Duke Microbiome Center faculty, and applicants will be quickly notified of funding decisions.

Eligibility is restricted to (1) faculty members of the Duke Microbiome Center, or (2) postdoctoral fellows or graduate students working in the lab of a Duke Microbiome Center faculty member. Voucher awards will expire one year after award, and will be administered by the Duke University School of Medicine’s Office of Research Resources.

Investigators previously awarded a voucher are eligible to apply for and receive a new voucher if the work proposed is significantly and scientifically distinct from previous awards. Applications are limited to one per investigator at any given time.  Priority will be given to proposals seeking to develop preliminary data for grant applications.

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Title page and contact information
  • One-page proposal describing the research question to be investigated, rationale, proposed plan for data analysis, and plans for future project funding (11 pt font, 0.5” margins).
  • Budget and budget justification for shared resource services.
  • Biographical sketches for participating Duke Microbiome Center faculty and other key personnel. Please use the “NIH Biosketch Form” http://grants.nih.gov/grants/forms/biosketch-blankformat-Forms-D.docx