November 17, 2022


DOE Two-year Fellowship program for deep tech researchers

Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) is looking for scientists and engineers focusing on science-based innovations to join the 7th cohort of our 2-year Fellowship with Argonne National Laboratory. Most applicants to CRI are currently researchers at universities (graduate students, postdocs, faculty).

Innovators from our previous 6 cohorts have leveraged the CRI program to create more than 585 jobs and raise $371M in funding.

Highlights of the Program

  • 2-year Fellowship including a stipend and benefits
  • $220k in non-dilutive support for de-risking technological innovations
  • Access to technical experts and unique capabilities at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Networking access to business experts, investors, mentors, & corporate partners

Ideal Candidates:

Our ideal candidates are working on deep tech, climate tech solutions. They do not need to have an incorporated startup yet, however, if incorporated, it must be registered to the US and cannot have more than $2M in private sector funding at the time of application to CRI. All candidates must commit to moving to Chicago for two years to embed at Argonne. CRI innovators must be either US citizens or permanent residents.

Get Involved:

We are hosting webinars and weekly office hours (link here) during the application period for any interested applicant. The application deadline is November 30th.