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Home News Disney World testing new hands-off security bag check at Disney Springs

Disney World testing new hands-off security bag check at Disney Springs

Walt Disney World is testing new security scanner technology with guests at Disney Springs today. This new contact-less body scanner, powered by Evolv Technology, is said to screen guests quickly and safely. If implemented at the Disney Parks, the technology could help drastically decrease wait times at theme park checkpoints. Guests would no longer have to open all their bags to Disney security officers.

Evolv Technology states these new scanners can check over 3,600 people per hour. Visitors can walk through side-by-side or in groups. The scanners are made to detect guns and other types of weapons. And the system is made to display where the potential threat is on a person’s body or in their bag to security members in real time.

Today, we saw a Disney security cast member watching a tablet while guests passed through.


The system is made to be smart enough to distinguish personal items, such as phones and wallets, as non-threats.


The Evolv Express scanner can even check the temperature of guests as they walk through. Visitors can be screened for elevated skin temperature and weapons at once. This all-in-one system seems to be a no-brainer for Disney as a way to do security and temperature checks all at once. And, this quicker system would help to drastically lower wait times at security checkpoints. It could also eliminate the possible passing of any viruses from bag to bag or Disney security offers to guests and they belongings.

Strong security measures don’t seem very magical. But for the Disney magic to happen, safety must come first. Whether checking for weapons or high body temperatures, it appears Disney is looking forward with new ideas and solutions. If the Disney Springs tests go well, we may see this replace bag check at all the Disney theme parks in the U.S.

What do you think about this new way to screen guests? Would you prefer this over the more personal approach of a security guard looking through your bags?

For more details on the technology and what inspired it, read our interview with Anil Chitkara, the founder and head of corporate development at Evolv.


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[Originally posted by Attractions Magazine — June 13, 2020]

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