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Home News Baebies Awarded $3M Grant for Pediatric Coagulation Testing

Baebies Awarded $3M Grant for Pediatric Coagulation Testing

Baebies was recently awarded a Phase IIB SBIR grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a project to develop a coagulation test panel utilizing very small volumes of blood with a rapid turn-around time. Newborns and young children undergoing cardiac surgery are at a significantly increased risk for a major thrombosis event, and comprehensive hypercoagulability testing is indicated in children who have suffered a major thrombotic or thromboembolic event, or who have a family history of thrombosis.

Currently available coagulation tests are time-consuming and must be ordered individually, which increases the cumulative volume of blood sample required.

This funding enables continued development of a test panel of coagulation analytes on our near-patient digital microfluidic system combining immunoassays, molecular assays, and enzyme activity assays utilizing a small volume of blood sample. Our development is purposefully aimed at a product that generates rapid results from small sample volumes to provide a comprehensive assessment of hypercoagulability risk and address a critical unmet need in pediatric coagulation management.

Our team is strengthened by a long-standing collaboration with a top-rated pediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr. Sitaram Emani, at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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[Originally posted by Baebies — July 27, 2020]

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