Idea Consultation

Have an idea? Chat with one of our experts.

We’re here for you

An Invention Consultation is your chance to meet with an OTC licensing expert to explore how your research can translate out of the university, onto a successful path to commercialization. There is no need to fill out any paperwork- just call us or come to one of our “office hours” (see below).

In your Invention Consultation, we’ll talk with you about…

  • Your research/technology, the current status of any intellectual property, and where you are in the development path
  • Strategies for protecting and further developing your invention
  • Programs available to assist in start-up formation
  • Possible sources of funding and support both within Duke and in the community

Office hours

  • We can also come to your department/lab for “Innovation & Entrepreneurship office hours”.
  • Get easy access to ask advice on all the questions above and more!