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Predictive Technology Developed at Duke Promises to Reduce Inefficiencies in Surgery

“We were able to take a Duke-born technology, foster and pilot it in the entrepreneurial environment of Duke to the point it could be translated out as a start-up, partner with Duke to bring a…

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IonQ and SoftBank Investment Advisers Team up to Expand Quantum Computing Access Globally

Strategic partnership enables IonQ to put quantum solutions in the hands of entrepreneurs, builders, and problem-solvers around the world COLLEGE PARK, Md., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IonQ, Inc. (“IonQ”), the leader in quantum computing, announced…

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Chris Monroe, Duke’s IonQ Co-fonder, Briefs Congress on Quantum Computing’s Role in Nation’s Scientific Computing Enterprise

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology held a hearing on May 19th, Accelerating Discovery: The Future of Scientific Computing at the Department of Energy, which included testimony from Duke’s own expert, Chris Monroe. “Quantum…

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Medtronic Announces CareGuidePro™, a New Mobile App and Online Platform for Patients to Navigate Their Spinal Cord Stimulation Journey

New App Developed in Partnership with Higgs Boson Health, a Physician-Led Digital Health and Patient Engagement Solutions Provider “Knowledge is power, and digital health solutions like CareGuidePro give patients the tools they need to ask…

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Duke Technology Powers First Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company to Wall Street

MARCH 9, 2021 | BY KEN KINGERY With a market capitalization valued at around $2 billion, IonQ will become the first publicly-traded company focused solely on quantum computing Jungsang Kim (left) and Chris Monroe (right)…

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Duke AI Security Screening Start-up Goes Public Via SPAC Deal

By Celeste Ferguson Evolv Technology, a Duke start-up founded out of the lab of David Smith, James B. Duke Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, went public using a nontraditional method called SPAC, or…

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IonQ To Become The First Publicly Traded Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company

IonQ has entered into a definitive merger agreement with dMY Technology Group III (NYSE: DMYI.U) The Transaction will result in $650 million in gross proceeds, including a $350 million fully committed PIPE with participation from…

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IonQ plans to launch a rack-mounted quantum computer for data centers in 2023

Quantum computing startup IonQ today announced its road map for the next few years — following a similar move from IBM in September — and it’s quite ambitious, to say the least. At our Disrupt event earlier this year,…

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Digital Innovations Authorship

By Dinesh Divakaran, Director, Digital Innovations As digitization, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning become more prevalent in research and academic institutions, more innovators are filing invention disclosures relating to software and copyrightable-based innovations. Seeking…

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